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Technology for Transformation

InQBay develops core technologies that simplify business and lifestyle.

"We assist you in achieving transformations that are innovative, impactful, and lasting for your business and clients. There are 3 essential roadmaps for your transformation journey. They are the Business Roadmap (BRM), Financial Roadmap (FRM), and Technology Roadmap (TRM). Contact us to have a complimentary discussion about your upcoming transformation."
Kelvin Tai
Chief Operation Officer

Innovative ideas

We incubate innovative ideas from their fragile infancy to their hatching into the market. These ideas may either originate from us or from entrepreneurs in startups and intrapreneurs in established businesses.


Our guidance in terms of advisory and training is based on the teams’ combined experience of over 50 years in helping organizations that range from startups to multinational corporations


We also provide our propriety software-based core technologies that would assist in the rapid development of working prototypes as well as market-ready products.

Technology Applications: Turnkey Projects

Mobile Registration Kiosk

Provide kiosk from R&D stage up to deployment in exhibitions, events & conferences.


Software that helps businesses manage their customer engagement and build systematic sales processes.

meGO Marketing

A one-stop digital sales and marketing solution.

Bots (YumChat, sbotted & etc.)

Automating marketing, sales, and customer support.

Electric Vehicle

Universal charging station for an all-electric vehicles.

meGO Meet

Start Your Video Meeting Right Away.  We make it simple and safe for anyone to conveniently meet on live video.

meGO Gig

A platform connected freelancers and potential customers to offer and get specific services.

meGO Learn

Your professional online learning platform. Learning is easy with meGO Learn.

Media Studio (InQV)

The next trend of e-commerce; live streaming.


Autonomous flying vehicle for urban and cross-island delivery.


Business Roadmap (BRM)

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Focus first on the value that could be delivered to solve the
target customer’s problems.

Do the customer need your new solution and would they pay for it?

A business model would determine whether your idea is an
extension of a personal hobby
or is a viable profitable

Financial Roadmap (FRM)

The issue is not about the lack of resources, but the lack of resourcefulness.

The more radical and disruptive an innovation is, the more
funds is needed to develop and market it.

It is important to involve the right types of strategic
investors at the right growth stage of the company.

Obtaining investments is obtaining trust. Therefore, uphold
best-practice for
both corporate governance and accounting standards.

Technology Roadmap (TRM)

How do we invent today for the future?

At InQBay, we are certified TRIZ practitioners. As an
inventive problem-solving methodology,
TRIZ enables us to solve current design problems and predict upcoming
technologies across any industry.

It is the same methodology used by Fortune 500 companies such
as Intel, Samsung, Procter & Gamble,
Boeing, Siemens and
General Electric in developing innovative products and
processes that are worth
billions of dollars.

Global Recognition

InQBay has been selected as the top 10% of the world’s startups to exhibit at the largest technology conferences and exhibitions. 

Alpha Program Alumni at RISE
2017, Hong Kong
Alpha Program Alumni at Web
Summit 2017, Lisbon
Beta Program Alumni at RISE
2018, Hong Kong

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